Chris Gage & Friends at The Backstage at El Mercado
1302 S. First, Austin TX 78704 | 512-447-7445 | 7:30 - 9:30 pm | $6 cover

Chris Gage, David Carroll and Kevin Hall plus stellar weekly guest stars!!

Wed. Mar 7

Christine Albert and Kym Warner


Wed. Mar 14  FREE SHOW for SXSW

Grouchy Like Riley

Plus: Beat Root Revival

Wed. Mar 21

Grouchy Like Riley

Wed. Mar28

Steve Bernstein
w/ Chris Gage

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Almost Every First Wednesday:
The Albert and Gage Band with Kym Warner

photo by Winker Withaneye

Previous friends include:
Bobby Mack

Greg Whitfield

Ben Jones

Nick Connolly

Bill Browder

Larry Wilson
Mike "T-Bird" Jackson
Mitch Watkins
Chip Dolan
Tony Airoldi
John Fannin
Cam King
Butch Morgan
Jeffrey Tveraas
Karl Werne
Jimi Lee
Andrea Dawson Kenny Grimes

guest bassist
Lynn Daniel
Bill Small

guest drummer
Ray Rodriguez
Craig Marshall
Andrew Hardin
Patterson Barrett
Albert and Gage
Joe Forlini
Katie Shore
Kim DesChamps

Steve Bernstein

Stuart Adamson

Bill Kirchen

Ron Knuth

Michael Austin

Oliver Steck

The Flyin' A's

John Inmon

Chris Beall
(South Austin Moonlighters)
Marvin Dykhuis and Danny Britt
Beat Root Revival
Ben & Andrea
The Rifters (Taos NM)

Kym Warner

Dave Scher

Boyd Bristow

Tom Peterson

Spider MacKenzie

4th Annual
Christmas Extravaganza!!

Chris Gage
Christine Albert
Andrea Dawson
Steve Bernstein
Oliver Steck
Brad Fordham
Kevin Hall

Danny Britt

Jimmy Ruggiere

Matt Smith

Rick MaCrae

Michael Hearne

Redd Voelkart

Earl Poole Ball
(Heybale, J.Cash)
Reverent Few
(Paige & Nick)

Bob Livingston and
Richard Bowden
Lauren Ellis

Jon Emery
King of Hillbilly Rock
Matt Giles

David Roach

Phil Hurley

Mike Jackson
Craig Calvert
Christine Albert

Bradley Kopp

David Murray

Frank Cavitt

Marvin Dykhuis

David Webb

Brad Kopp  and
Lorrie Singer

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