Chris Gage Discography
    Jerry Jeff Walker  -  With Chris Gage and Lloyd Maines
     In production
  Tom Peterson  -  Black Hills Gold
     Producer, engineer, guitar, keyboards, lap steel, dobro, vocals
  Emily Grace Berry  -  Gypsy Soul
     Producer, engineer, guitar, keyboards, mandolin
  Emily Franklin EP
     Recording engineer, Keyboards
  Scott George  -  Mysterious Ways
     Producer, engineer, keyboards, acoustic, electric and baritone guitars, mandolin, vocals
  The Flyin' A's  -  You Drive Me Crazy
     Producer, engineer, guitars, keyboards, mandolin, dobro, lap steel, harmony vocals
  Richard Paul Thomas  -  Salado
     Producer, engineer, guitars, keyboards, mandolin, lap steel, vocals
  Ricky Sprague  -  AKA T-Ricky Spragoo
     Producer, engineer, guitars, keyboards
  Marina Rocks  -  Onward
     Recording and mix engineer, lap steel
  Gringo Barrio  -  Adelita
     Recording and mix engineer, keyboards
  Gary Taylor  -  Man Playing Guitar
     Recording and mix engineer
  The Better Halves  -  Playing In The Dirt
  Vance Lane  -  Moonlight, Whiskey and Rainbows
     Piano and Hammond B3
  Vance Lane  -  Night Life
  Beat Root Revival
   Mandolin, banjo, dobro, overdub engineer
  Mary Fagan - Honey To The Bee
  Jordi Baizan  -  Like The First Time
    Nouveaux Honkies
    Michael Shane Borden -
Co-Producer, engineer, guitars, keyboards
    Rio King -
Producer, engineer, guitar, keyboards, vocals.
    Todd Hoke -
  Greg Whitfield - Welcome Home
     Piano, engineer on "When You Smile At Me"
  Karl Werne  -  This Little Notebook
     Banjo, dobro, piano, Wurli, vocals, engineer
  Suite Journey  -  Land Of My Tears
     Producer, engineer, acoustic guitar solo, canjo
  Jimmy Ruggiere  -  Nicer Guy
     Producer, engineer, guitars, keyboards, mandolin, dobro, background vocals
  Patty Finney  -  Wanted
     Guitar, piano, B3
  Susan Herndon  -  Vagabonde
  Leeann Atherton  -  Barefoot Fields
  Kiya Heartwood  -  Palo Duro
     Co-producer, recording engineer, guitars, keyboards, mandolin and vocals. 
  An Unreal Dream  -  The Michael Morton Story (soundtrack album)
     Accordion with Jerry Jeff Walker
  Ray Benson  -  A Little Piece
  Kimberley Dunn  -  Forever On The Road
     Guitar, piano, dobro
  Roger Creager  -  Road Show
  Keith Rea  -  Life's An Open Road
     Piano, Wurlitzer, Hammond B-3, remote recording engineer
  Leigh Rowan  - Petty Fool
     Mandolin and dobro
  Bob Cheevers  - On Earth As It Is In Austin
     Guitar and recording engineer
  Wheatfield  -  Big Texas Sky
     Remote recording engineer
  Adler & Hearne  -  Second Nature
  Gary Nicholson  -  Texas Songbook
  Walt Wilkins and the Mystiqueros  -  Wild Cat Pie and The Great Walapataya
     Extra keyboards
  Brad Bailey  -  8anjo
  Amanda Pearcy  -  Royal Street
  Russell Bartlett  -  Reel Time
  Gringo Barrio  -  Gringo Barrio
     Co-producer, recording and mixing engineer, dobro, background vocals
  Frank Cavitt  -  Is The Honky Tonk Doctor In?
     Producer, recording and mixing engineer, acoustic guitar and background vocals
  Sarah Smith  -  Fingernail Moon
     Producer, recording and mixing engineer, acoustic and electric guitars, lap steel, piano, B3,
     bass, percussion, accordion and background vocals.
  Claude "Butch" Morgan  -  Dry
     Co-producer, recording and mixing engineer, electric, acoustic and baritone guitars, dobro,
     banjo, squeaky toy and harmony vocals. 
  Carrington McDuffie  -  Only An Angel
     Recording and mixing engineer, mandolin, guitar, B3, accordion
  Jaime Michaels  -  Unknown Blessings
     Accordion and harmony vocals
  Michael Boesen  -  Song Train
Co-producer, recording engineer, guitar and keyboards...Michael sadly passed just as this CD was released in Denmark. 
  Connie Mims  -  Getting There
Baldwin grand piano and Wurlitzer electric piano
  Alyse Black  -  'Night, Sweet Pea
     Piano and accordion
  Todd Hoke  -  Southland
Recording and mixing engineer, supplemental percussion, bass,
  The Gillette Brothers  -  Leaving Cheyenne
     Producer, recording and mixing engineer, dobro, acoustic guitar, piano, accordion, mandolin
     Guy Gillette passed away in 2013.  Rest in peace, compadre. 
  Aaron Watson  -  Real Good Time (#9 on the Billboard Hot 100 Country Chart)
  Richard Paul Thomas  -  Wings Of My Heart
     Producer, recording and mixing engineer, acoustic and electric guitars, piano, organ,
     accordion, percussion, background vocals
  Bob Cheevers  -  Smoke and Mirrors
     Recording engineer, piano, organ, accordion
  Freebo - Something To Believe
  Jon Emery    -    A Thousand Sad Goodbyes
  H2L  -  Loagan and Lane
     Co-producer, engineer, guitars, mandolin, lap steel, keyboards, vocals
    The Flyin' A's  -  Bootleg Christmas EP
     Recording and mixing engineer,
guitar, piano
  Louis (Cowboy) Johnson  -  Old Friend
     Recording and mixing engineer, guitar, piano, organ, dobro, mandolin and vocals
  Grease 2   -   Paramount/505 video game for Nintendo Wii
     Producer, engineer, guitars,
lead and background vocals
     Lead vocals on "Hound Dog", "Rock Around The Clock" and a duet with Mike Cross on "Yakkety Yak"
  Best of Times  -  Sara Hickman songs to benefit Theatre Action Project
     Albert and Gage track: "Take Me With You"
     Producer, vocals, guitar and keyboards
  Hemifran Compilation  -   More Music From Home
Albert and Gage track: "Calling me Home"
     Producer, engineer, guitar, mandolin, bass, drums, vocals
  Marty Muse - Before The Dawn
  Casey Yeager   -   Strong and Sturdy
     Producer, engineer, guitars, keyboards, lap steel, mandolin, banjo and vocals
  Lesli Wood   -   Larger Than Life
     Producer, engineer, guitar, piano, mandolin, vocals
  Bob Livingston   -   Gypsy Alibi 
Engineer, mandolin, guitar, organ, piano, vocals
     Chris Gage was named "Texas Musician of the Year" for his work on this recording. 
  Susan Herndon  -   All Fall Down  
     Overdub engineer, guitar, piano, accordion, organ
  Bill Small   -   The Next Time  
     Producer, engineer, guitars, piano, electric piano, organ, lap steel, Dobro, mandolin, accordion and backing vocals
  The Mystiqueros   -   Agave  
  Roger West   -     Signs of Hope, Signs of Wonder  
  Brian Langlinais   -     Tonight I Might  
     Electronic Wurlitzer piano, Hammond B-3, electric guitar
  Grease   -   Paramount/505 video game for Nintendo Wii
     Backing vocals, random voices
  Jerry Jeff Walker    -   Moon Child  
     Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, organ, lap steel, accordion and background vocals
  Albert and Gage   -   Dakota Lullaby   
     Producer, engineer, vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, piano, organ, mandolin and Dobro
  Neal Katz    -   Be A Light (Chanukah Songs for Grown-Ups)  
     Accordion, accordion engineer
  Davin James    -   Old Soul  
     Piano, piano engineer
  Jody Mills   -   Another Cold Thursday   
     Producer, engineer, guitars, lap steel, mandolin, accordion, electric piano and organ
  Steve Brooks   -   Chasing Grace   
     Producer, engineer, guitars, lap steel, mandolin, electric piano and organ
  Brenda Jean Searcy   -   Joe Pye Weed   
     Engineer, guitar, lap steel, piano, organ, accordion and background vocals
  Jaime Michaels   -   Crooked  
     Engineer (accordion, vocals only) accordion, background vocals
  Erik Moll  -   Good to Go 
Lead guitar on "Ready for Someone New", guitar engineer
  Rio King   -   I'd Love to See Texas Again 
     Producer, engineer, rhythm guitar, backing vocals
  Abi Tapia   -   The Beauty in the Ruin 
     Producer, engineer, guitars, Dobro, mandolin, electric piano and organ
  Christine Albert   -   Paris, Texafrance
     Producer, engineer, guitar, piano and accordion
  Marcia Ball   -   Peace, Love and Barbeque  
     Background vocals
  Aaron Watson   -   Angels and Outlaws  
  Lissa Hattersley   -   My Summer Vacation  
     Engineer, guitars, piano, lap steel
  The Children's Music Project   -   Heart Like a Flower - Hill Country Youth Ranch
Engineer, piano
  Mike Blakely   -   The Rarest of the Breed  
     Acoustic guitar, nylon string guitar, mandolin and piano
  Austin Homegrown   -   Blue Skies and Green Grass  
     Recording and mixing engineer, organ
  Austin Mayse   -   Devil on my Shoulder 
     Engineer, electric guitar
  Josh Grider    -   Million Miles To Go  
     Acoustic guitar, mandolin
  Karen Mal    -   The Space Between   
     Acoustic guitar, accordion and piano
  Terry Allan Smith   -   My House    
     Acoustic guitar, mandolin and Dobro
  ShAnnie   -   Water Over Stones  
     Acoustic guitar, accordion
  Wheatfield   -   Second chances   
     Mixing engineer
  Wheatfield   -   Wheatfield  
     Mixing engineer
  Red Willow Band   -   Reunion    
     Mixing and mastering engineer, guitar, piano and vocals
  Sharon Bousquet   -   Temple 
     Co-producer, engineer, guitar, and piano
  Steve Carter   -   In Love Again    
     Piano, guitar, accordion and background vocals
  Lawrence J. Clark    Amazing
     Producer, engineer, guitars and keyboards
  Mike Clifford   -   Heartbreak Grill and Bar  
     Mixing engineer, piano
  Eliza Gilkyson   -   Paradise Hotel
     Backing vocals "Man of God", fiddle engineer "Calm Before the Storm"
  Albert and Gage   -   Cry Love  
     Producer, engineer, artist, vocals, guitars, keyboards, Dobro and accordion
  Stuart Adamson   -   I've Got Lonesome   
     Keyboards, accordion and electric slide guitar
  Boyd Bristow   -   Cloudless Sky   
     Producer, engineer, guitars, keyboards and background vocals
  Walburg Boys   -   Walburg Style  
     Recording and mixing engineer
  Mike Lankford and the Hole-In-The-Wall Band   -   Night Life & Fast Cars   
     Hammond B-3 organ and electric guitar
  Abi Tapia   -   One Foot Out The Door 
     Producer, engineer, guitars, keyboards, mandolin and Dobro
  Cowboy Johnson   -   A Grain of Sand   
     Producer, engineer, guitars, Dobro, keyboards and background vocals
  Michael Austin   -   Thick 'n Thin  
     Producer, engineer, guitars, piano, organ and percussion
  Bruce Jones  -  Flashpoint Sessions
     Electric, slide and baritone guitars, piano
  Lawrence J. Clark   -   New Horizon    
     Engineer, guitars, keyboards, background vocals
  Frank Meyer   -   Dagnabit    
     Arch-top electric Gibson guitar and background vocals
  Todd Hoke   -   The Turning of the Wheel 
     Co-producer, engineer, guitars, keyboards, mandolin and Dobro
  Christine Albert   -   TexaFrance-Encore!  
     Producer, engineer, guitar, piano, accordion and husband
  Karen Mal   -   Mercury's Wings  
     Mixing engineer, guitar
  Mike Clifford   -   All Night All Day    
     Mixing engineer, piano
  Danny Britt   -   The Other Side    
     Acoustic guitar (track: "Every Time an Angel Flies")
  William James IV  -  Positively W. James St.    
     Guitar and piano
  James Allsup   -   Dream in Blue    
     Co-producer, vocals (track: "A Mandolin for Mary")
  Kira Small   -   Wanderin' Star   
     Piano, guitar and Hammond B-3
  Murphy's In-Laws   -   Pass the Chicken Wine  
     Engineer and keyboards
  Scott Gibson   -   Make Ready  
     Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin and accordion
  Garreth Broesche Trio   -   Garreth Broesche Trio 
     Engineer, acoustic guitar
  The Flatlanders   -   Now Again 
     Acoustic lead guitar (track: Down on Filbert's Rise)
  Max Stalling   -   One of the Ways
     Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, accordion and background vocals
  Allison Downey   -   Wind at Your Back
     Co-producer, engineer, guitars, keyboards, accordion and background vocals
  Billy Goerdt   -   Dance Across the Planet  
  Smokey Wilson   -   Texas Saturday Night   
     Electric guitar and accordion
  Albert and Gage   -   One More Christmas 
     Producer, engineer, vocals, guitars, keyboards and accordion
  Albert and Gage   -   Burnin' Moonlight  
     Producer, engineer, vocals, guitars, piano
  Jan Seides    -   Everyday People 
     Recording engineer, electric and acoustic guitars, piano, organ and accordion
  Jon Emery   -   V.I.P. The Leroy Preston Songbook 
     Accordion (track: "When Love Goes Wrong")
  Stuart Adamson   -   Weekends Were Made For Living    
     Electric guitar and piano
  Alex Whitmore   -   Tale of the World   
     Electric guitar, piano, keyboards, accordion and harmony vocals
  Kerry Grombacher   -   Sands Motel  
     Electric guitar
  Bill Oliver   -   Friend of the River 
     Recording engineer, piano (one track, if I recall)
  John Permenter   -   Roots
     Background vocals
  Bill Small   -   Singin'  
     Electric guitar and Hammond B-3 organ
  Harris and Ryden   -   Here to Jackson
     Acoustic, baritone, electric and lead guitar, accordion
  Scott Gibson   -   Live Session
     Electric guitar, acoustic guitar and accordion
  Russell Bartlett   -   Days on End
     Acoustic guitar, mandolin and background vocals
  Dub Miller    -   American Troubadour
     Electric guitar and accordion
  Houston Marchman   -   Leaving Dallas
     Electric guitar
  Kenny Putnam   -   Sure Beats Me
     Vocals and guitar
  Beth Williams - Rockin' at the Barn Compilation (Sweden)
     Guitar, keyboards, programming
  Joe Calvert   -   Lost in Austin Again
     Background vocals
  William James IV       Love is the Power
     Lead guitar, accordion, piano and organ
  The Nash Hernandez Orchestra   -   "50" 1949-1999 
     Electric guitar solo on "Route 66"
  Bill Nash   -   Runs With Scissors
  Paul Edward Sanchez   -   Yesterday's Clothes
     Electric guitar
  Jimmie Dale Gilmore   -   Music from the motion picture Traveller (asylum)
     Guitar, piano (tracks: "If You've Got the Money Honey" and "I'll Love You a Thousand Ways")
  Albert and Gage   -   Jumpin' Tracks
     Co-producer, vocals, guitars, piano and organ
  Max Stalling   -   Comfort in the Curves
     Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, accordion, mandolin, Dobro and harmony vocals
  Jan Evans   -   Secret Song
     Guitars, keyboards
  Tropicowboy DeVillez & Motivo   -   Tropicowboy 
     Electric guitar
  Guys in Hats   -   Guys in Hats
     Electric guitar
  Down in Texas Don McCalister Jr.   -   Down in Texas
     Electric guitar
  Laurie Marks   -   Selfish
     Piano (track: "Guilty")
  William James IV   -   Requiem for the Ninties 
     Lead guitars
  Beth Williams   -   One Easy Chair
     Lead guitar, background vocals
  Bigga Rhythm   -   Blessed Man
     Background vocals
  Bruce Robison   -   Austin Country Nights
     Electric guitar (track: Poor Man's Son)
  Tracie Lynn   -   Is Anybody Listening?
     Assistant mixing engineer, electric and acoustic guitars, piano and background vocals
  Russ Bartlett   -   One Hand On The Plow
     Gut & steel string guitars, Dobro, mandolin
  8 1/2 Souvenirs   -   Twisted Desire  (RCA) 
     Co-producer, guitar, piano
  Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Willie Nelson   -   (MCA) Red, Hot and Country (track: "Crazy") 
     Producer, piano
  Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Mudhoney   -   (SubPop) 
     Co-producer, engineer, guitar (track: Blinding Sun)
     Electric guitar (track: Buckskin Stallion Blues)
  arkey_true_blue.jpg Arkey Blue   -   True Blue
     Acoustic rhythm guitar
  Randy McCullough   -   Ten Circles
     Piano, background vocals  (track: "See You Through")
So long ago...
  Tullamore Dew and Tulsa Too
     Guitar and keyboards
Red Willow Band   -   Note For Note
     Songwriter, vocals, guitars, piano
Red Willow Band   -   Red Willow Band
     Co-producer, vocals, guitars, piano and lap steel
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